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Hey there!

I'm Alex Diaz

I’m a product marketing strategist based in Seattle, WA. Grew up around the world, but will forever talk about the superiority of New York pizza & Texas queso.  I'm obsessed with building products & brands.

My Career so far

Hello! As a third culture kid (family originally from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷), I grew up around the world, eventually becoming the first in my family to attend university where I focused on interpersonal communication and behavioral science. As you can imagine, this exposed me to many individuals, cultures, ideologies — and I became passionate about relationships, especially the relationship between people + technology — how to engage and influence this dichotomy. It's why my field of study was around behavioral science and eventually why I got into marketing (being able to influence mass groups or individuals).
This blends quite a bit into my career, evolving. From my time at Xbox, I had a chance to engage with users through creative content and digital marketing that led to building unique experiences and delightful moments, especially around the Xbox One launch and other platform games. But I found that content was one part of the puzzle. And so I wanted to focus more on fostering and building relationships - really play a closer role in connecting people to technology that mattered. This is what led me to Twitter, where I was on the sales team, where I'd report and educate users on Twitter's advertising suite (early development at the time) and how Twitter connected to their needs and goals. But I missed marketing; I missed owning something and bringing it to life for users. That's what ultimately led me to Uber. I was a product launcher, a very marketing, and operations role, opening up new markets for business, which involved a strong mix of scrappy and grassroots marketing. But it was important to me that I was more than just tactical. I wanted to have an opinion on the product strategy as well as the marketing. Really make magic for users when it came to the product experience. This is why I made my home in product marketing because I believe what you do is more important than what you say - This is why I love PMM. I can be deep within the Product Strategy and Outbound Marketing (GTM efforts, content strategy, growth, all that).

My Toolkit Includes...

Biz Dev
Public Speaking
Marketing Strategy
Policy/Media Relations
Cross-team Collaboration
Product Marketing (full-stack)

Selected features

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